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Can you sell a car with expired MOT?

Many people believe that there is a two-week grace period for lapsed MOTs – which can allow drivers a leeway period to get their vehicle booked in for their MOT test. Unfortunately, despite popular belief, the 'MOT grace period' is actually a myth. Click to see full answer Can you drive after MOT expires? You…
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What happens if you do MOT early?

An MOT can be carried out up one month, minus a day, prior to the expiry date of your existing MOT certificate, whilst still preserving the anniversary of the expiry date. For example: If you have your test carried out a month before the due date, your MOT is effectively valid for 13 months. Click…
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How much do used trucks depreciate each year?

What's the formula for depreciation? To estimate how much value your car has lost, simply subtract the car's current fair market value from its purchase price, minus any sales tax or fees. Click to see full answer What is the depreciation rate for pickup trucks? While the average five-year depreciation rate for light-duty pickup trucks…
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Will AutoZone replace my battery without receipt?

What is this? If you have a receipt, you will receive a refund using the same method you initially paid for the batteries. If you do not have the receipt, you will be given a refund in store credit unless the purchase was under $25. If that is the case, you will be given a…
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How much are The Repair Shop workers paid?

Being highly-trained and experienced in their respective fields the experts are expected to be paid very generously for their time and hard work. Click to see full answer Does Jay own The Repair Shop? Jay Blades does not own The Repair Shop as it exists just for the BBC programme. The workshop itself actually serves…
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Should I repair or replace cracked bumper?

The cost of bumper repair or replacement varies based on the extent of the damage, the repair techniques performed, and the type of vehicle you drive. Therefore, a bumper replacement can cost between $800 – $2,000, while bumper repairs can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000. Click to see full answer What happens if you…
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