What are my options if my car fails its MOT?

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What are my options if my car fails its MOT?

If your vehicle fails its MOT, you can leave it at the test centre where they'll carry out the essential repairs needed. As long as these repairs are done within 10 working days of failing the MOT, your vehicle can then be partially retested for free.

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How long do you have to fix your car after a failed MOT?

Bring it back within 10 working days: If your car is fixed somewhere else, you can bring it back to the original MOT test location within 10 days for a partial retest, which is frequently less expensive (in most cases, about half the cost of the original MOT).

Can I claim on insurance if car fails MOT?

If your car has failed an early new MOT, it will typically be covered by insurance up to the current MOT certificates expiration date. Many car insurance companies will stipulate that a current MOT must be in force. The only exception is vehicles that are driven to a pre-booked MOT test or retest.
Do you get 14 days grace for an MOT?
Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, the MOT grace period is a myth. Many people mistakenly believe that there is a two-week grace period for expired MOTs, which can give drivers a buffer time to schedule their vehicle for an MOT test.

If having a current MOT certificate is a requirement of your policy, which it frequently is, then your insurance will be void and you wont be able to file a claim. Youll also be responsible for any damage to other cars and will have to pay for any repairs to your car.
Is wheel bearing MOT failure?
I concur with NC that a wheel bearing typically develops noise before it fails a maintenance inspection, most likely because of wear that results in noticeable play when the wheel is jacked up and rocked vertically.
Will my car fail its MOT if the exhaust is blowing?
A minor leak or corrosion would be noted on an advisory note as a potential future problem, but it would pass at the time of the test. Only a major leak or unsafe emissions would cause an exhaust to fail an MOT.
Will a slightly blowing exhaust fail MOT?
The smallest blow in your exhaust, caused by a rusty hole or broken joint, is bad news; it will affect your cars performance and, over time, get worse and noisier. It will also affect the emissions, meaning a fail. Changing an exhaust is a dirty, awful job.
What would fail an MOT?
Its possible to foresee the majority of these problems with a quick check of your car; it only takes a Minute Or Two! Around 1.5 million vehicles fail their MOT due to simple things like faulty bulbs, insufficient tyre tread, or even empty windscreen washer fluid bottles.
Are wheel bearings part of MOT test?
Wheel bearings can be checked for play by turning the wheels while they are raised off the ground or by vehicles with a DGW of more than 5,000 kg do not need to have their rear wheel bearings inspected.

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What do they look for on a MOT?

Body. The body, chassis, engine mountings, seats, bonnet, boot, and doors will all be given a general inspection to ensure that no parts have excessive corrosion or sharp edges that could injure someone.

How long can I drive after MOT failure?

The answer is yes, provided there are no dangerous issues listed in the MOT and the vehicles current MOT certificate is still valid (i.e., if the test was performed before the expiration date).

Can I drive my car without MOT if it is booked in?

If youve scheduled an appointment for the test and are traveling there, you are only permitted to drive your vehicle after its MOT has expired. If youre stopped along the way, you MUST be able to show that you have an appointment with an MOT facility.

What are my options if my car fails its MOT?

If your vehicle fails its MOT, you can leave it at the test facility, where theyll make the necessary repairs. As long as these repairs are completed within 10 working days of the MOT failing, your vehicle is then eligible for a free partial retest.

Can I take my car to another garage if it fails MOT?

While you can take your car somewhere else for repairs, another garage would charge you the full fee to issue the pass certificate, so you must have your MOT retest completed by the same garage that performed the original test.

Can I drive on last day of MOT?

Before it expires, an MOT must be renewed; otherwise, it will be illegal to drive on public roads, your car insurance wont be valid, and you risk legal action.

Can you drive your car away if it fails the MOT?

Your vehicle may be impounded if the following conditions are met: your current MOT certificate is still in effect; no dangerous issues were found.

Can I drive my car to a garage for repair without MOT?

You are not allowed to drive your vehicle anywhere other than an MOT test facility, but you are allowed to drive it to a garage without an MOT as long as your MOT certificate does not reveal a dangerous defect.

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